Do you think you could paint a 400 foot x 30 foot canvas?

I did and I don’t mind bragging about it. Last December 2016, I was commissioned by Visual Elements to beautify an interior wall of their Vaughan warehouse. The piece was was designed to encourage a positive, friendly work environment for their employees.


B travel 4


I LOVE to travel but find documenting trips stressful. Whether its taking 10 photos of an exotic tree in the hopes of determining an artistic angle. Remembering the location of a nighttime look-out point to recommend to friends later. Or the blank stares I get from family members when they ask how the trip was and I say “ok” because I’m mentally sifting through a million stories and can’t decide which one to entertain them with. When my post-vacation blues kick in I start convincing myself maybe I didn’t actually go on vacation at all and it was all just a dream. My memories fade so quickly…

So we’ve rounded up a few ideas (during and post-trip) to help ensure you won’t forget your adventures!




I’ve always been a sentimental sap. My family lived on the same street for most of my childhood and teen years. We lived in one house for 8 years and then moved 2 doors over. When I finally flew the nest (or my parents gave me the boot) I wanted to remember all of the places we had lived so I created ‘The House Drawings’.


Friday 1 Dec 2017
Thursday 10 Aug 2017