I’ve always been a sentimental sap. My family lived on the same street for most of my childhood and teen years. We lived in one house for 8 years and then moved 2 doors over. When I finally flew the nest (or my parents gave me the boot) I wanted to remember all of the places we had lived so I created ‘The House Drawings’.

Each colour frame hosts a black and white ink drawing inside of a white matte. I used a similar colour of marker to highlight something fun or significant on the property. Take for instance the above image – the colourful stainglass window broke when I hosted a raging Christmas party and the furry guy lived in my roof for 3 years.


My personal collection of The House Drawings includes 6 different properties that were important to me – either a place I lived at, worked at or have an attachment to. I plan on adding to the collection when I move or you know… buy all of my future properties – kidding! Or am I?


Interested in Us helping you start your own personal collection? Or maybe you’d like to gift one to one of your real estate clients? Email the studio today for more information and to place an order.


… here are some more fun facts about my House Drawings.

I locked my blue bike up, when I lived in the below house, until it was stolen one day.




My Dad and I worked on Queen Street my office was located in the blue windows.




We planted two small pine trees, when we lived in Richmond Hill, and they grew three times the size before we moved years later. Also – this house no longer exists. Some rich guy bought it, bulldozed it and rebuilt a massive estate. I can’t go back to this street anymore, it makes me sad. Cue waterworks.




When people visit my place The House Drawings are a great conversation starter, although they are currently hanging in my washroom.