Last Saturday I had an urge to work on a Creative- art project. I’ve been looking around for a vintage marquee ‘E’ for a while now and thought – why not just make one myself! It was very inexpensive to make as a majority of the materials were purchased at The Dollar Store.

I had a lot of people ask me how I put the above marquee letter together. Below is a detailed outline of how I executed this project. A lot of my creative work is trial and error, I encourage you to start with a basic idea and work your way through it. If you have any questions or need some help making your own don’t hesitate to email me.

First things first! Materials are necessary.

Here are the materials I used.

A very integral part to this project are the lights.

You can use plain indoor Christmas lights. I found these battery operated ones for $2.00/strand at the dollar store. Very important you must be able to screw the bulb off and replace it. The bulb will be going through one side of the letter and the wires will be on the back.

Getting Started!

1. Using your ruler, draw out the shape of your letter onto one piece of foam core. Cut it out with your heavy duty exacto knife.

This is a very challenging task. I originally sketched out a few ideas on a blank piece of paper. I made sure the thickness of the entire letter was consistent. I then transferred it to the foam core. If you need help with a template please email me.

2. Cut 4 or 5 five inch strips of foam core that will build the 3D sides of your letter.

Be very meticulous that all of the widths of the strips are the same. If they are not the same they will not fit correctly.

3. With the original letter in the middle cut and hot glue the 3D sides first.

You will need a second pair of hands to help you glue the sides. Again – this is a tricky step to the project. It may take some trial and error and a few ‘re-glues’. In the end the back letter will secure the entire shape (see step 6).

4. Measure the distances of where you want the lights to go and punch holes into the the back part of the letter.

I used a screw and a screwdriver – it was very easy.

5. Spray paint both pieces of foam core.

I am clearly not a graffiti artist and need to take a spray painting course. **disclaimer: I don’t think I shook the can long enough**

6. Glue the 3D sides to the back letter shape.

Don’t hesitate to use the coloured duct tape on the back. You will most likely need a second pair of hands to help you glue.

7. Add the lights!

Gently put the lights in from behind and screw the bulbs in from the front. You can tape down the wires on the back with your duct tape. As you can see I chose to add the lights before doing step 6. I recommend putting the 3D sides on first as it is easier without the wires from the lights interfering with gluing. (I look a bit confused as to my next step. haha)

8. Place letter in desired location in your room and test it out! Voila!